Monday, March 14, 2016

Re-Tuning Myself

I've blogged in the past and then I've stopped writing posts. I stopped doing the things that I've loved and was good at. There has been so much painful occurrences that had un-eventfully happened in the past few years. I've deleted all my posts, and sadly stopped doing artistic things, the thrive was gone.

 Yet, deep down my Soul desires to rekindle all the things I have loved and enjoyed doing through out this life - Writing, sewing, crocheting and ESPECIALLY just being the artistic person I once was. I know that that personality will be exposed once again.

I've remained to be comically imposed to others, especially when I felt drawn towards them in the sense they needed a laugh as much as I had needed it. Bringing a smile to others warms up my Heart.

There's so much that I want to reveal as to being who I once was. I know that I am and no longer ever will be the same but I can be more than that.

I am a Mother to three extraordinary, humorous, talented and intelligent Little Human Beings with the most loving impeccable hearts.

Their Father and I have a long history from the earliest days when my sisters would babysit him as well as my mother, to me running along to his house as a 6-7 year old with my Best Friend and to him watching me at the age of 12 applying my makeup in the bathroom of our local Pizzaria that once was named Pizza House (of course to mention, No, he was not actually IN the bathroom, just standing at the door). He thought it was amazing how makeup can make transformation, I suppose. The whole gang and I were getting ready to attend the local basketball games.
We were always there through out our lives before becoming Life-long partners.

Oh, I forgot to mention... My life began in Anchorage, Ak. Born in the 1980s and was flown back to where I now call home, Kotzebue, Alaska. A small town, isolated by water (ice during long winter months).  Locals find adventure in fishing all year long, hunting, beaching, coasting, camping. All the ruggid outdoors-activities and subsisting for a living... Many make their own apparel and accessories, to making tools. There are just so many people that have skills of many. It's amazing and beautiful, especially when it's skills brought down through generations.

Well, this is just a brief and a new-beginning. Although, each day in it's own sense IS a new beginning hehe.

I feel as if my Soul is thawing out, so to speak. I've always been there for my family but also there're obviously as I've began in this post,  were a lot of bad experiences.

I'm beginning to do some things that I used to do. Ideas are aching to be put into actions, artistically. And hey, I made it passed all the cruel (and some haunting) situations. I'm here, and there's no giving up. There's only the potential to continue in my Spiritual Growth.